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Welcome To Asia Pacific International School - The Best CBSE School In Bhopal

Today's preparation determines tomorrow's achievement - the simple adage that binds us all together here at Asia Pacific International School, one of the top CBSE schools in Bhopal! And with this wisdom forming the driving force behind everything we do here, APIS has gone on to become one of the most trustworthy schools in Bhopal in the eyes of parents, educators and children alike. Come, explore the temple of learning that we have created here in the heart of Madhya Pradesh - an oasis of knowledge and inspiration that is destined to transform your child into a rising star today, and in her/his future!

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About Asia Pacific International School

Asia Pacific International School is a co-educational institute that is administered and managed under the flagship of Smt. Ramadevi Smiriti Sansthan. Our institute was conceived and created to nurture young minds and get them ready to become leaders of tomorrow. Quality avenues for qualitative lives, that is what we aim to create for our students. Identifying the potential of students, chiselling their talent, honing their imagination and helping them find their innovative and creative side is what we excel at, and THAT is what makes Asia Pacific International School one of the top schools in Bhopal.

The dearth of global schools in the country was the main factor that prompted our founders to create Asia Pacific International School. We started out small as one of the good schools in Bhopal , and as a popular choice amongst CBSE schools in Kolar Road . However, we grew into one of the best CBSE schools in Bhopal with our students achieving top ranks in exams as well as sports. Top notch infrastructure, the best teaching staff , a plethora of extra-curricular activities and an undying commitment towards excellence in education – we offer the complete package to every parent looking for the top school for their child to study in. When you choose Asia Pacific International School, you get more than just an educational institute for your child to study at. You get a lifelong partner to work with towards the prosperous future of your little one. That is our promise to you!

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Play Group, Nursery, KG-I & KG-II
Primary Classes 1 to 5
Upper Primary 6 To 8
Secondary & Sr.Secondary 9 To 12

Thought For The Day

Birthday Kids

  • 03rd Mar

    Angel Singh Kanouj



Birthday Kids

  • 03rd Mar

    Angel Singh Kanouj


Unique Features


What makes a watch tick? How does the fan swirl?

Science Park

The science park has fully operational models.

Herbal Garden

APIS has herbal garden of various types of plants.


All the classrooms are equipped with the e-learning facility.

Smart Class

All the classrooms are equipped with the e-learning facility.

Yoda & Meditation

Original composition print, fan art based on Yoda from APIS.

Why choose Asia Pacific International School for your child?

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So don't wait any longer. Get your child the education he/she deserves at one of the best CBSE schools in Bhopal - Asia Pacific International School. Get in touch with our Admissions Team to reserve your child's seat. The very best in knowledge, nurturing and learning is what your child deserves and that is exactly what we have here to offer. Call now!


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FAQs for parents and students about Asia Pacific International School

We believe that every child has their own unique potential that needs nurturing. Hence, we do not have any predetermined eligibility criteria for granting admissions to students in our school. Any child looking to get admission in our CBSE school in Bhopal will have to appear for an assessment test. The purpose of this test however, is not to grant or withhold admission but to understand the learning curve and knowledge level of the child in question so as to better plan for their future studies at our school.
The admission process at our CBSE school in Bhopal is fairly straightforward and easy to manage. Parents are required to submit the child's report card, countersigned transfer certificate, ID and address proof of the child and the parents, SSMID and birth certificate of the child at the time of admission. We would also require 1 passport size photograph of both parents and at least 4 passport size photographs of the child for our records. You can register your child for admission in our school by visiting our website and filling out the concerned forms available online.
We firmly believe that the performance of our students is completely dependent on how well their educators are able to work with them. Every child deserves personal attention from her/his teachers and hence, we have ensured that our educators are never overloaded and our classes are never overcrowded. It is simple things like these that have established our name as the best schools in Kolar . We do whatever it takes to ensure our students get the education they deserve and desire. You can trust Asia Pacific International School with the education of your child.
The safety and security of students is one of our top priorities here at Asia Pacific International School. We welcome visitation from parents but only after adhering to strict protocols. Entry passes/badges are issued to every visitor upon entering the school. All our staff and crew are vetted via thorough background checks to ensure student safety. No visitor is allowed to enter the school with cameras, firearms or weapons, whether licensed or otherwise. Special permissions are required from the principal for allowing a student to interact with any outsider during school hours, whether they are a guardian or otherwise. Our campus is fully equipped with security cameras, fire safety equipment and a full-fledged team to manage the safety of students and staff inside the premises. We definitely are one of the safest CBSE schools in Bhopal.
Yes, we do provide safe and comfortable transportation options to our students to help them reach school and go back home every day. Each of our buses is regularly inspected and maintained to prevent breakdowns. Our driving staff is well trained in behaviour and follows safe driving practices. We also run background checks on bus crew to ensure only reliable and safe individuals interact with the children while on commute. Our school buses run on a pre-designed route map so you are requested to consult the same before planning the daily commute of your child.
Our school follows the Montessori system of education for Pre - Primary, Class I and Class II. Class III to XIII prepare for All India Secondary Examination / All India Senior Secondary Examination. Our school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education and follows curriculum and books prescribed or approved by the National Council of Education Research and Training / Central Board of Secondary Education. We are an English Medium School and follow English as the medium for imparting education.
We at Asia Pacific International School recognise the need for e-learning in modern education and have therefore, created a unique, hi-tech learning environment to ensure our students don’t get left behind in their journey towards knowledge and success. We have equipped our classrooms with e-learning infrastructure and interactive boards as teaching aids for our educators.
A student can only be as good as the teacher behind them. And hence, we at Asia Pacific International School do everything we can to help develop the skills and knowledge of the educators on our team. Regular Teachers’ Training Programs as well as stress busting sessions help keep our teachers at the top of their game. We constantly work with our staff to upgrade teaching methodologies and generate new ideas to serve our students with the best possible education. This is what makes us thea best CBSE school in Bhopal for your child!

If you have any further queries about our school or wish to get your child admitted to our institute , please feel free to contact our admissions desk/ education team. We are happy to be of assistance to you!