Mrs. Shikha Shrivastva


The personality of an individual is a result of nature and nurture. Nature means what he has inherited from his parents or what is there in his genes. Nurture is how he has been brought up. Environment plays a significant role in grooming the child. Home, school, neighbor-hood, play fields etc. make a lot of difference in grooming the personality. At Asia Pacific International School, Bhopal, it will be our endeavour to develop personality of each child and our teachers are trained to take care of this.

The importance of role of parents cannot be emphasized enough.Parents are the first teachers and the child learns maximum at home. Parents following some simple tips make a lot of difference e.g. Respect for parents, teachers and elders and value our traditions and rules.Show compassion to weak & needy, love nature and respect for all living things. Compliment or wish parents, teachers, elders and friends. Use please, thanks frequently.

Be courteous and use kind words. Make new friends but cherish the old ones. Keep good company.Treat everyone you meet like you want to be treated. Be kinder than necessary. Never under estimate the power of kind words and deeds. Be forgiving of yourself and others. Eat healthy food and exercise/ play regularly. Keep your room and desk neat and clean. Be prepared to lose once a while and be a good Joser. Be a good winner and remember no one makes it alone.Have a grateful heart and be quick to acknowledge those who helped you. Understand knowledge is power. Hence acquire it by reading good books.Own good dictionary, thesaurus, Atlas and good books.

Adopting and practicing above tips will certainly improve the personality and make him/her a good human being. However, to esure that he/she is successful anda winner, emphasize on Character, Commitment, Conviction, Courtesy and Courage. At Asia Pacific we are always commitmentted to imbibe such values in our students along with the knowledge and skills to make them complete and responsible citizens. We belive our objectives cannot be fulfilled without active involvement from our parents fraternity. We take this opportunity to extend our best wishes and look forward to your coorporation and valuable suggestions.

- Mrs. Shikha Shrivastva