Mr. O.P. Shrivastava


Today, with the ever Increasing and fast pacing developments of the world the expectations from that of the education system have grown in proportions. The demand for offering education to the masses and education it an accessible way has become a gross challenge. With the growing demands of the individuals and the society they have to live In there is immense scope for the educational organizations to performong.

Asia Pacific International School primarily is focused on making the quality education pass on the maximum numbers. In its unique nature the school is Indicated to developing cnild centric methodologies of learning that are mare deductive than inductive. Understanding the micro level needs of the child as the member of this dynamic and transient world Asia Pacific International School is an effort to fulfill the gap between the text and the taught.

Alongside the educational interventions in a scientific temper the school aspire to contributes its share in shaping the society throught its students. The school in this light pmmotes girl child education and shall facilitate the empowerment of girls as the equal members of the future society. We emphasize on bringing equal opportunities of growth and learning, to both the genders, and in this process create a mindset that allows liberal thoughts to flourish in light of educat.

Asia Pacific International School is also a home for the free speech and ability to express ones persona balancing individualism to the social responsibilily. I am glad to be a panel the team that shoulders the responsibililyof shaping the delicate lives to be worthy citizes of the country.

I have my best wishes for the team Faculty and staff members and the parents who have trusted us.

- Mr. O.P. Shrivastava