House Activities

School Cabinet:

The School Cabinet which is constituted at the beginning of every Academic Session is a forum of the students. It provides them with opportunities to nurture their leadership qualities and develop their individual personalities and participation in the democratic process of administration and governance.

Aims and Objectives:

  1. To liaise and bridge the communication gap for effective exchange of information between the students and the school administration.
  2. To communicate students views, concerns and opinions to the school administration, for enhancing quality of life, and overall improvement of various activities, academic programmes, services and facilities in the school campus.
  3. To promote widespread student participation in all spheres of school activities with a view to nurturing qualities of leadership, camaraderie, team spirit and co - operative learning and sharpening skills of interpersonal relationships, problem solving and organizing ability.
  4. To represent the overall interest of students in the school and endeavour to promote their general welfare.

Structure Of The Student Council:

  1. Head boy and Head Girl
  2. House Captains and House Vice - Captains.
  3. Club Prefects and Deputy Prefects
  4. Ministers -Sports, Discipline, Health and Cultural.
  5. House In-Charges

The School house System:

The most valuable aspect of all education is the ability to make oneself do the thing one has to do, when it has to be done, whether one likes it or not. Keeping in harmony with this thought we at APIS introduced the House System in the session 2008 - 2009. The students enrolled in the institution have been divided into 4 houses namely the Einstein House represented by the Blue colour, Newton House represented by the Green colour, Aryabhatta House represented by the Red colour and Raman House represented by the Yellow colour. 

These houses have been named after eminent personalities as they worked for the greater cause of the mankind. They were rational in their thinking and were driven by reasons than assumptions in their actions. Through their unique potentials they were able to bring about positive changes in the society. Therefore the house system in APIS focuses upon nurturing and grooming the sprouting seedlings of the society into such individuals who can realize their potentials and contribute towards the growth and development of the society.