Admission Policy

Admission and Withdrawal Procedure

  1. New admissions will be made subject to the availability of vacancies.
  2. In case of admission to primary class and above, pupils who have attended any recognized school will be admitted after an interaction and entrance test (from class III on wards). The pupil should be in possession of a School Leaving Certificate from the previous school.
  3. At the time of admission, one time Admission Fee, Security Deposit and Pupil's fund will have to be paid. In addition, the Tuition fee, Activity Fee and Term Fee has to be paid for the Quarter in advance. The fees once paid will not be refunded even if the pupil, for any reason leaves the school immediately after the admission.
  4. Admissions will be strictly based on merit. No special references or recommendations shall be entertained or considered.
  5. School Leaving Certificate will be issued by the school only after the parent applies for the same on the prescribed form given in the School Diary.
  6. If a pupil leaves the school before the end of a term, fees will be payable for the full quarter.
  7. The School Leaving Certificate will be issued only after the dues are cleared and library books returned.
  8. With respect to Security Deposit
    1. The Security Deposit shall be returned after three months from the date of issue of Transfer Certificate / School Leaving Certificate. The parents must apply for the same within this period.
    2. The claim of Security Deposit will lapse on the completion of 3 months, if the parents fail to apply within the stipulated period.
    3. In case of pending dues, the sum receivable by school will be adjusted against the security deposit.