Fr. Louis K J


Education is a continuous and creative process. It aims to develop the capacities latent in human nature and to coordinate their expression for the enrichment and progress of society. Asia Pacific International School (APIS) for the past two decades has always been accompanying its students through the period of their evolution during which they mature in their identity, make the fundamental life choices according to ethical criteria and acquire for themselves a first reflex vision of reality. This follow-up has been achieved through a systematic and articulated complex of elements like the cultural and educative contents imparted, the significant relationships offered and the climate created.

Education faces everywhere today a fragmentation of the total value-system and the limitations of institutions in recomposing and representing the whole. Furthermore, the quantity of information has increased vastly, as also the need to possess it in order to survive in the job market.

The school is often seen by those who frequent it as a place where the knowledge necessary for a future job is acquired. Faced with this difficulty, educators often limit themselves to insist on the acquiring of knowledge and training for a job laying an exclusive emphasis on intellectual performance and thus overlooking other important aspects of the person that are under strong attack today.

We at APIS strive, so as not to limit ourselves to be a prestigious centre of instruction but are aiming at influencing the conscience and character of the young, giving them a value-system that will enable them to live out their vocation as true PERSON in society.

It is widely accepted today that education ought to be an agent of social change. We endeavour to create in the pupils an awareness of the social realities in which they are immersed rousing in them a sense of solidarity and compassion, stimulating a passion for justice in society.

Changes in society is brought about to a great extent by politics where decisions are made that affects the lives of millions. Hence we strive to help our students grow up in political awareness.

The mass media today are a powerful force for good or for evil among vast number of people, especially the young. Because of the power of their language, the extent of their influence and the uninterrupted flood of messages they pour out, they wield an influence far greater than that of any other educative mechanism. Education in respect of mass media, helps them to decipher and evaluate for themselves the messages that come to them from every side and train them to a critical and responsible use of the media. The application of Educomp (virtual class) serves and initiates in the student to be aware of the upcoming knowledge branches and streams.

Every human being has to face a variety of problems and seek solutions. Young students pass through an identity crisis and face conflicting values and role models. The need for counseling and guidance is very essential in their lives to help them build up their own value-system and their philosophy of life.

Sports, games and all other co-curricular activities that contribute towards the wholesome development of students has always occupied a vital place in the school calender.

In conclusion we strongly believe and affirm that this place shall continue to be a sacred temple of learning, offering a privileged ambient for integral formation …… Will continue to climb greater heights and dream bigger Dreams.